ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 EAP 8: Bug-fixes for unit tests

We have finally set the release date: ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 will be out on April 3rd. In the meantime, we are releasing one more EAP build which fixes critical issues with discovering and running unit tests.

The previous EAP introduced an unfortunate bug that caused problems in discovering xUnit tests. You definitely couldn’t run MSTest tests if you installed the recent Visual Studio 2017 update (as of March 28th) as Microsoft had changed APIs. Now we support only the latest update. In earlier Visual Studio versions, you’ll see the following message box when trying to run unit tests:


If you experienced any of the issues described above, please download and install ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 EAP 8 along with the recent update for Visual Studio 2017. As always, if you encounter any other issues, please report them to us.

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33 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 EAP 8: Bug-fixes for unit tests

  1. Alex Povar says:

    Could you please prioritize and fix the performance issue with xUnit ( It isn’t possible to use R# in our mid-large projects for unit testing. I’m ready to provide whatever you need (except source code) to clarify the reason. I’d be even glad to fix it via custom plugin if you advise how to do that.

    Sorry for being annoying, but this issue is critical and it’s been present since few versions. I’m a fan of R#, even write custom plugins for it, so its really painful to meet this issue over and over again every day :(

  2. Rino says:


    When can we expect a new ReSharper 2017.1 official release?

    Regards, Rino.

  3. Vladimir Kozlov (ai_enabled) says:

    Are going to push this annoying UI change into the release ? It might result in frustration of many of your most loyal customers accustomed to certain workflow.

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  6. Liviu Mandras says:

    I still have this problem. I just bought an R# 2017.1 Ultimate license today and MSTest tests are not properly discovered and sometimes they show inconclusive I have to run each file manually.
    I am using latest VS 2017 enterprise (build 26228.12)

    • Claus Jessing says:

      I have the same problem. But only when trying to debug a test (using Ctrl-U, Ctrl-D). Running the test works fine (using Ctrl-U, Ctrl-R).

      VS Enterprise 2017, v 15.3.1
      ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1.3 (built on 2017 June 13)

  7. Carey Bishop says:

    Unit tests were working fine for me with R# 2017.1 until I installed a new VS2017 update today which upgraded it to 15.1 (26403.0), and now I’m getting the error message shown above that I need to install the latest version of VS2017, and R# is refusing to run any unit tests.

    Is R# checking for a specific version, rather than anything newer than X?

  8. Enrique says:

    I have the problem too. R# 2017.1 with Visual Studio Ultimate Enterprise 2017 Version 15.1 (26403.0) release. I get the pop up message stating “An older version of Microsoft Visual Studio ……”. R# is not running MSTests. Please help,

  9. Hans Kraakman says:

    This morning VS 2017 informed me that there was an update available, so I installed it. Which means I am currently running the latest VS 2017 (26403.0). But now ReSharper (R# 2017.1) is telling me that my VS2017 is outdated and that it cannot run unit tests. How can my VS2017 be outdated when I’m using the latest version?
    Please fix this problem so I can run my unit tests again.

  10. Svetlana Emelyanova says:

    An issue with detecting MSTest tests is filed here

  11. Steave N. says:

    Hi I still have the same problem.

    I working with Visual Studio 2014 Update 4 and I cannot Launch my tests.

    I had Resharper Ultimate 2016.1.3 who wasnt working after update to 2017.1 My tests doesnt Launch either.

    Could you please check ?

    In advance Thanks

  12. Andre Wilson says:

    I now have the same problem as above after installing the latest version of Visual Studio updates 2017 v 15.1 (26403.0). Prior to this R# was working as expected but now I get the “this version of VS is out of date message”.

    Hopefully this can be resolved soon as I now can’t run my unit tests from R# as nothing is picked up.

    • Vijay K says:

      With the 2017.1 resharper ultimate, I am still getting the “VS2017 version is outdated” message even though I have the latest version installed VS2017 version15.1 (build 26403.0)

      Could you please let me know when this bug is targeted to be fixed?


  13. Andrew R says:

    Also have this problem – I can’t download R# EAP build as it is not available, so I’m running latest R# Ultimate 2017.1 and VS2017 15.1 (26403.0)

  14. Alexey Grant says:

    Same problem as other people :(

  15. Dan says:

    I do have same problem as Andre with the latest update of VS 2017 v15.1 (26403.0) and R# 2017.01 built on April 02

  16. Sylvain says:

    I do have the same problem too. VS 2017 v15.1 (26403.0) and Resharper Ultimate downloaded this day (v 2017.1 built on April 02)

  17. Shrike says:

    Just intalled R# 2017.1 RTM and got completely broken test runner with the mentioned dialog (which was “Fixed” in EAP – it wasn’t!). I have the latest VS2017 15.1 (26403) Ent.

    (it’s not about a dialog actually, issue title is misleading, all mstest support is totally broken).

    It’s becoming a bad tradition for JetBrains to release broken products (latest WebStorm 2017.1 is still broken for TypeScript after a week).


    • Svetlana Emelyanova says:

      The issue with unit tests was fixed for the VS2017 update as of March 28th. They rolled back the API changes in the next update, and now we have to implement a change too. Bug fix for ReSharper will be ready today.

  18. Seung Jae Lee says:

    I have the same issue as well. Just upgraded my Resharper Ultimate License and downloaded version 2017.1, and now this issue is popping up with VS 2017 Build 26403.0. Guessing someone didn’t use the Greater Then or Equal to operator when checking VS version numbers.

  19. Tim Rourke says:

    I had the “older version of 2017” problem until this evening. I confirmed the version of 2017 on my desktop was version 15.1 (26403.00).

    In VS2017, the About Jet Brains ReSharper dialog said Update to 2017.1.1 was available, which it did not say yesterday.

    I did a Check for Updates and it brought up the update installer. I don’t get the “older version of 2017” dialog anymore.

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