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Interactive tutorials are part of ReSharper 2017.2

A while ago, along with ReSharper 2016.3, we released a plugin that added a set of interactive tutorials to ReSharper.

Starting with 2017.2, the tutorials are not a plugin anymore but an integral part of ReSharper.

  1. Select ReSharper | Help | Tutorials…
  2. Choose a tutorial and click Run.
  3. Follow the steps suggested.

ReSharper interactive tutorials

There are some differences compared to the latest available plugin v.0.9.13:

  • First of all, existing tutorials are much more polished.
  • Bug fixes. Lots of them.
  • New content: take the What’s New in ReSharper 2017.2 tutorial to learn about the key C# features added in that release.

Tutorials will now be updated on a regular basis. With each new ReSharper release, you will find a new tutorial that overviews the latest features. So now, every time you update your ReSharper instance, make sure to check out ReSharper | Help | Tutorials…

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