Rider 2018.2.2 is released!

The second pack of bug-fixes for Rider 2018.2 is ready – please welcome the Rider 2018.2.2 update!

In the list below, I will show you the most important fixes in this bugfix update:

  • Paths to Android SDK / NDK now are saved when you click the Save button (RIDER-18864).
  • MSTest unit tests in .NET Core projects can be run again from the editor (RIDER-19209).
  • The spell checker no longer checks Japanese, Chinese, and Korean (RIDER-19127), as well as GUIDs, NuGet package names, and everything in *.*proj files and in build-scripts (RIDER-19206).
  • We’ve fixed one more inability to deploy a Xamarin iOS application (RIDER-19017).
  • Entity Framework support is working again (RIDER-19059 and RIDER-18167).
  • Fixed an error when running karma tests (RIDER-17933).
  • Lots of improvements to support Unity.

For more details, see the whole list of 25+ resolved requests on YouTrack.

As usual, you can download the fresh build from our site or install it via Toolbox App.

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