ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.3 Bugfixes Available

Sometimes, even a bugfix needs a bugfix. 2019.3.3 is a case in point as we’re publishing ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.3 today. Look for update notifications in Visual Studio and the Toolbox App to take advantage of these useful updates. 

ReSharper 2019.3.3 fixes the following urgent issues:

  • No more false “constant expressions” warnings with nullable context enabled.
  • StackOverFlow exceptions in C# and Blazor code analyses have been eliminated. 

Feel free to check the full list of fixed issues in our issue tracker.

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3 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.3 Bugfixes Available

  1. Roland says:

    Since the update to 2019.3 performance sucks. Everything was fine with previous version.
    Now I can see resharper processing or thinking almost on every action taken.

    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      Hello Roland! Sorry to hear that. Does your statement mean if you install ReSharper 2019.2.x build, the performance becomes better in the current Visual Studio version you are using right now?

  2. JameS says:

    @Roland. Totally agree. Resharper has become totally unusable. I have it disabled 95% of the time. As their customer base begins to stop renewing, I suspect it’ll be fixed.

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