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OOPs, I did it again – WebinarRecording

The recording of our webinar, OOPs, I did it again (untangling the mess we are making of object-oriented programming), with João Antunes, is now available. Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars.

Object oriented programming is one of the most broadly used programming paradigms. The problem, however, is that most of the time, even if we use a primarily object oriented programming language, we forget to take advantage of everything it can do, resulting in a mostly procedural scenario.

In this session, João Antunes will share some ideas about how to improve our code by making it easier to understand and maintain, by taking better advantage of our languages’ capabilities, and by mixing paradigms as appropriate.

None of these ideas are new, but it seems we keep forgetting about them.

Webinar agenda:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 3:07 – From Super Controller…
  • 9:15 – …to Super Service
  • 12:57 – Individual request handlers
  • 20:09 – Making code more object-oriented
  • 31:08 – Type safety, Maybe, nullability and records
  • 47:17 – Minimizing exceptions
  • 55:17 – Thoughts and summary
  • 57:38 – Q&A


Download ReSharper and give it a try!

About the presenter:

João Antunes
João works as a software engineer, mostly with .NET technologies, but he likes to play around with other tech as well. His main interests are software architecture, design, and development, with more focus on the backend but with a view of the whole stack.

Follow João on Twitter.

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