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ChatOps the Easy Way with Abbot – Webinar Recording

The recording of our webinar, ChatOps the Easy Way with Abbot, with Phil Haack, is now available. Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars.

Join Phil Haack as we discuss ChatOps and his Abbot service. ChatOps helps organizations empower teams to perform critical business actions through ubiquitous chat platforms like Slack, Discord, Teams, and more. Inspired by his time at GitHub, Phil Haack is on a mission to bring ChatOps to everyone.

Webinar agenda:


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About the presenter:

Phil Haack
Phil co-founded A Serious Business, Inc., a company where he works on the service, Abbot. Abbot is a hosted chatbot that helps teams make ChatOps a reality. Before starting A Serious Business, Inc., Phil worked at GitHub doing whatever he could to make it even more awesome. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft on NuGet and ASP .​NET MVC and helped to usher in Microsoft’s Open Source era.

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