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ReSharper and Rider 2022.2.3 – The Latest Bug Fixes Have Arrived

Hello everyone,

We’ve got the last set of bug fixes for ReSharper and Rider before the start of the Early Access Program. Here’s what’s changed in the 2022.2.3 update:


  • Fixed a bug causing InspectCode CLI caches to be inconsistent after turning on Nullable Reference Types (RSRP-489541).

For the full list of resolved issues, please refer to our issue tracker.


  • Resolved an issue preventing you from previewing the changes in Unity project packages version control in real time (RIDER-81011).
  • Rider’s basic functionality no longer stops working after a Perforce commit (RIDER-81036).
  • Rider doesn’t freeze after launching the Unreal Editor (RIDER-8142).
  • Fixed the bug causing Rider to re-cache solutions (in particular, Unreal Engine solutions) every time one is loaded (RIDER-79069).
  • “Reformat and cleanup” action from the Solution Explorer does not get stuck in an infinite loop anymore (RIDER-80839).
  • Fixed the behavior causing projects to build error-free in spite of Code Analysis showing multiple errors (RIDER-81534)
  • Fixed the bug causing solution folders to double for solutions loaded from GitHub (RIDER-81217).
  • Restored normal operation of Code Analysis for Unity projects (RIDER-81268).
  • Fixed a performance issue with a 57-freeze in an Event Dispatch Thread (RIDER-78896)

For the full list of fixed bugs, please refer to our issue tracker.

You can download Rider 2022.2.3 and ReSharper 2022.2.3 from our website, or update either product by using the Toolbox App. You can also update Rider as a snap for Ubuntu.We appreciate your feedback on the new versions! Please don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments below, on our issue tracker, or on social media.

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