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Webinar – OSS Power-Ups: AngleSharp

Join us Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 17:00 – 18:30 CEST (11:00 – 12:30 EDT or check other timezones) for our free live webinar, OSS PowerUps – AngleSharp, with Florian Rappl. This is the eleventh episode of our series of OSS Power-Ups, where we put a spotlight on open-source .NET projects.

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Ever wanted to know the internals of an evergreen web browser? How does HTML5 error correction work and why is it the cure to different looking webpages? But most importantly: How can we deal with webpages most efficiently in .NET? The AngleSharp project gives answers to all of these questions. It is – at its core – a headless browser engine, which has a modular architecture. If we only want to parse HTML then we get a state of the art HTML5 parser. In this session we cover the project and dive into some of the lesser known, but very important, parts of HTML5.

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About the presenter:

Florian Rappl

Dr. Florian Rappl is Solution Architect for IoT and distributed web applications at smapiot. His main interest lies in the creation of innovative architectures that scale in development and usage. He won several prizes for his work and is a Microsoft MVP in the area of developer technologies. He regularly blogs and writes articles for popular magazines and websites in the web development space.

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