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This month, we bring you featured content from Dennis Dietrich! Dennis Dietrich is a manager at Phoenix Contact’s Industrial Cabinet Solutions (ICS) business unit where he leads a software development team. He holds a master’s degree in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Leicester and has over 20 years of industry experience in various roles including testing, development, and technical leadership.

When Rachel asked me to write a few paragraphs for the next issue of the dotInsights newsletter, I said “yes.” I said “yes” because I’d given her a couple of “maybes” in the past, and I was afraid doing so again might cut me off from her delicious homemade tiramisu for a while.

And as luck would have it, I’m working on a new talk at the moment and penned this synopsis of it titled Sitting in meetings all day long: My first 180 days as a new Software Engineering Manager,” summarizing the talk and what you need to know if you’re considering engineering management. I ended up with almost 1900 words without even covering everything that’ll be in the talk.

This is how I ended up with submitting these two paragraphs you’re currently reading and a new article on LinkedIn. Instead of a preview – or an ad, if you will – for an upcoming talk, it’s a preview for a preview of an upcoming talk: Previewception (and, yes, Inception is one of my favorite movies).

In it, I talk about how I got ready for taking on my first manager position, about the differences between leadership and management, and how being a manager will change how you communicate. So without further ado and for your reading pleasure I present: Sitting in meetings all day long: A preview of my first 180 days as a new Software Engineering Manager. 

Keep an eye out for a conference near you and come see the talk! In the meantime or if you can’t make it, here are some recommended books:


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