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Introducing the ReSharper 9 Early Access Program

As many of you may have noted, there’s quite a lot of things happening in the land of .NET right now. The introduction of Roslyn and C# 6, the new ASP.NET, the forthcoming release of Visual Studio 14 and many … Continue reading

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More TypeScript Support in ReSharper 8.2

When we announced TypeScript Support in ReSharper 8.1, we promised you a lot more to come. It’s time to deliver on that promise. Here are some of the things we’ve added in ReSharper 8.2: Support for generics as well as … Continue reading

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JavaScript Improvements in ReSharper 8.1

With JavaScript’s continuous rise to fame, it only makes sense for us to continue improving JS support in ReSharper. The following is an exposition of some of the new ways in which ReSharper 8.1 makes JavaScript coding faster as well … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2013 Support in ReSharper 8.1

This year we’ve seen something unprecedented: the release cycle for Visual Studio has shrunk to just one year, and Visual Studio 2013 came out with some pretty serious improvements across the board. ReSharper, as you can imagine, always tries to … Continue reading

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Architecture Tools: Improvements in ReSharper 8.1

In ReSharper 8, we brought out an entirely new feature called Architecture Tools (or, alternatively, Project Dependency Analysis). The goal of the Architecture Tools is simple: to let users visualize and manipulate the structure of their solution. In ReSharper 8.1, … Continue reading

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TypeScript Support in ReSharper 8.1

We have just recently announced TypeScript support as part of ReSharper 8.1 EAP, and this blog post is intended to give you more details on this exciting development. Note that ReSharper 8.1 is only the first milestone in supporting TypeScript, … Continue reading

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ReSharper 8.1 Early Builds Available for Download

It’s that time of the year again when we open up the covers on what’s been cooking in ReSharper since the release of 8.0 a few months back! And while today we’re opening ReSharper 8.1 Early Access Program, there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Fix in Scope: a New Code Cleanup Experience in ReSharper 8

As you all know, ReSharper has lots of inspections, all of varying complexity. Some inspections present a multitude of choices – for example, when ReSharper meets an undeclared symbol, it has no idea what to make of it. Does the user … Continue reading

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CSS Support Improvements in ReSharper 8

In the context of web development, CSS isn’t just something that you encounter in CSS files. CSS, when supported by ReSharper, permeates the structure of your web application, its constructs available in many places where its use is relevant. Here … Continue reading

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Multifile Templates in ReSharper 8

Оnе оf thе nеw things thаt wе’rе inсluding in RеShаrреr 8 is thе аbility tо сrеаtе filе tеmрlаtеs thаt ехраnd tо mоrе thаn оnе filе. Тhis аllоws thе usеr tо dеfinе filе tеmрlаtеs thаt сrеаtе nоt just а singlе еntity … Continue reading

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