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JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Educational Topics

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We want to start by thanking each and every one of our learners for your continuous support and enthusiasm about JetBrains Academy. As of today, we are empowering more than 320 thousand learners all over the world to explore their creativity through programming, become talented developers, and eventually get a career they truly want.

We strive to make your learning experience even more valuable. That’s why we constantly revise our content based on your feedback, and create new projects and topics for you to explore. It’s been a while since our last content update, and we are finally ready to share the news of what we’ve been working on from December through March. We hope you’ll enjoy the updates as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Java Developer

New projects: Guess the Animal, Car Sharing, Shared Bills Splitter (Beta).
Updated projects: Tic-Tac-Toe, Tic-Tac-Toe with AI, Music Advisor, PageRank (Beta), Online Chat (Beta).
New topics: Anonymous classes, The graphics class, Nested classes, Coding style conventions, HashMap, JTable, LinkedList vs. ArrayList, Class loader, Unit testing with JUnit, Timers.

Python Developer

New projects: Web Scraper, Flashcards, Currency Converter, Weather App, Data Analysis for Hospitals, Food Blog Backend, University Admission Procedure, Tetris, Robogotchi (Beta), Readability Score (Beta), Generating Randomness (Beta), Convoy Shipping Company (Beta), Dominoes (Beta), Linear Equations Solver (Beta), Knight’s Tour Puzzle (Beta), Duskers, Text-Based Adventure Game (Beta), Memorization Tool (Beta), Markdown Editor (Beta), Key Terms Extraction (Beta).
Updated projects: Tic-Tac-Toe, Tic-Tac-Toe with AI, PageRank (Beta), Static Code Analyzer (Beta).
New topics: Built-in exceptions, Working with CSV, How to read traceback, Built-in exceptions, Working with CSV, How to read traceback, Docstrings, SciPy overview, Statistics module, How to read the documentation, Levenshtein distance, Combining data in pandas, Google colab, The Jupyter Notebook, Data indexing in pandas, Grouping and aggregating data in pandas, Reshaping and pivot tables, Summary statistics in pandas, Groups and alternations, Openpyxl, Pickle.

Kotlin Developer

New projects: Cinema Room Manager, Number Base Converter, Steganography and Cryptography (Beta).
New topics: Random, The try-catch-finally statement, Mutable set, JSON Moshi library, BigDecimal, String basics, Functional decomposition, Map.

Kotlin Developer: Android

New project: Tip calculator.
Updated project: Stopwatch with Productivity Timer (Beta).
New topics: SharedPreferences, Intent, Toast, Linear, Frame, Relative layouts, AlertDialog, PendingIntent.

Frontend Developer

Projects released from Beta: Flashcards and Portfolio.
New CSS topics: Attribute selectors and universal selector, Backface-visibility, Combinators, Transform, Clear, Float, Code style, Overflow, Axis alignment, Flexibility, growth, and contraction ratio, Introduction to Flexbox, Orientation and display order.
New HTML topic: The Lang attribute.
New JavaScript topics: Create react app, Introduction to Node.js, Event loop.

Dev Tools

New topics: First program in bash, Introduction to Heroku, Functions and arguments, File descriptors and pipes, Explore folders and files, Working with remote repositories, Grep basic options.

Databases and SQL

New topics: Subqueries, Date & Time data types, Types of JOINs, Introduction to SQLite, Introduction to transactions, Understanding transactions.


New topics: Derivatives of trigonometric functions, Decimal to binary: fractions, Octal numbers, Implicit derivatives, A derivative of exponential functions, A derivative of logarithmic functions, A composite function and its derivative, Optimization problems, Higher order derivatives, Multivariable functions, Normed spaces.


New topics: Agile development, Introduction to software development models, Kanban board (Trello), Roles and responsibilities in a development team, Image processing, Viewing files in shell, Software lifecycle, Documentation, Self-documenting code, YAML.

Keep in mind that the beta projects are in the early stages of testing. We appreciate your feedback on such projects – it helps us improve and publically release them sooner.

Keep learning,
Your JetBrains Academy team

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