Gogland EAP 163.12024.20 is Out

Great news, everyone! Please welcome a freshly-baked EAP build, with more improvements and bugfixes. The new build can be downloaded from our website, without any forms and emails.

Major improvements include:

  • C syntax highlighting in injected fragments

  • Formatting with gofmt or goimports when saving files
  • Default location for new projects is now correct
  • Improved Implement interface action: it doesn’t add already existing methods; suggests only interfaces
  • Inspection for private fields with tags
  • Create function quick fix is available when functional types are expected
  • Adjusting import paths when renaming directories

For more details, see to the release notes.

Develop with Pleasure!


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4 Responses to Gogland EAP 163.12024.20 is Out

  1. Mustafa says:

    Loving it, getting better, way better than Atom and VSCode.

  2. Christian Schmidt says:

    How about showing the expected types when hovering over functions?
    I’d love to see what types / parameters are missing, when getting an “error”.

    Like in:
    Multiple-value wav.ReadSoundFile() in single-value context less… (Strg+F1)
    Reports incorrect variable and constant declarations.

  3. Mojaba Asg says:

    Keep on, The gogland must be shiny as IntelljIdea.

    I’m look for change on delve to support function evaluate in debugger.(it’s a key feature in my opinion)

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