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Go to the next level with GoLand 2018.2

Today we are happy to announce that GoLand 2018.2 is released!

This major summer update has many goodies inside: support for Go modules out of the box (formerly known as vgo), an enhanced Move refactoring, new quick-fixes, additions to the Postfix Completion and Intention Actions families, and an upgraded debugger. The release makes working with VCS better across the board, and incorporates many other features from the latest IntelliJ Platform release such as frontend-related updates and Touch Bar support.


Click here to download GoLand 2018.2, or read on for the release highlights.

  • Integration with go modules (vgo) out of the box.
  • The Move refactoring gets a new dialog which shows whether an identifier is needed, and an ability to move symbols across packages.
  • A new quick-fix called Convert to expected type converts a value to the desired type whenever the language permits.
  • A new Implement missing methods quick-fix lets you quickly add missing methods if the expected type is an interface.
  • Implement Methods is now able to not only add methods from an interface to a chosen type, but also create this type right away.
  • New Intention Actions:

    • Add dot import alias lets you quickly add the dot alias to an import which makes all exported symbols available without a qualifier. Conversely, Remove dot import alias helps switch back to using the package name.
    • Introduce local variable helps add variables for function/method calls that return values.
  • New Postfix completion templates:

    • The .sort template transforms array or slice expressions and prepends them with an applicable sort method based on the element type.
    • The .rr template combines the power of two already available templates, .rre and .rrv.
  • There’s a new option to disable leading spaces for annotations that start with certain prefixes: Add leading space to comment in Settings | Editor | Code Style | Go | Other.
  • The debugger supports non-suspending breakpoints and lazy-loading for arrays, maps, and slices; supports deep nesting in maps; and offers a better presentation of key-value pairs in maps and slices.
  • Tools:

    • File watchers stores the configured File Watchers in the IDE settings and allows you to share them among different projects using the Project and Global options.
    • The Docker plugin now recognizes several new runtime command line options in the run configuration and adds an option to specify the base directory for executing a Docker build command for a dockerfile.
  • Version control system:

    • A new Merge Conflicts node groups files with merge conflicts for each changelist, making it much easier to find them.
    • Many improvements for the Log tab.
    • New option to skip the Push dialog for Git.
    • Support for multiple GitHub accounts.
  • User Interface:

    • Touch Bar support.
    • New option: Use dark window headers.
    • New icons on the IDE toolbar and tool windows.
  • JavaScript & TypeScript:

    • Support for TypeScript 2.9 and the upcoming TypeScript 3.0 releases.
    • New intentions: Implement interface, Create derived class, Implement members of an interface or abstract class, Generate cases for ‘switch’, and Iterate with ‘for..of’.
    • Find any unused code in your project with the new Code Coverage feature.

To take a closer look at all the new features, please visit the What’s New page.

If you have an active subscription to GoLand or the All Products Pack, feel free to upgrade to GoLand 2018.2 right away using the download page or the Toolbox App.

If you don’t, here is a free 30-day trial to give it a spin!

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