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GoLand 2018.2.1 is released with tangible performance improvements and lots of bug-fixes

Welcome the freshly built GoLand 2018.2.1! You can install this update via Toolbox App, as a patch for GoLand 2018.2 (use Help | Check for Updates), or by simply downloading an installer from our website.

This update is focused on bug-fixes and performance improvements. Let’s have a look at what’s inside.

Download GoLand 2018.2.1


IDEA-195871 — Fixed poor performance of VCS repository detection.
IDEA-195836 — Enhanced performance of sync files.

Go and Go modules:

GO-5976 — Go modules correctly transform modules with upper-case characters and convert import paths to appropriate directories.
GO-5702 — The IDE has learned Go modules’s replace syntax.
GO-6002 — The Executable is not specified error, which occurred after creating a new empty Go modules project, has been fixed.
GO-6044 — Everything in GoLand works as expected on devel versions of Go.
GO-5308 — The IDE gives you an immediate alert when it finds mistakes in build tags.

Refactorings and code inspections:

GO-5899 — GoLand understands that sending a value to a receive-only channel is not a good idea, and highlights it as an error.
GO-5786, GO-5993 — Inline refactoring works correctly, and so does the ‘return statement’ check for refactorings.


GO-5230 — Quick documentation popup (Ctrl + Q on Windows/Linux or ⌃J on Mac) works inside call expressions.
GO-5810 — The .if Postfix Completion template don’t break code inside an if condition anymore.
GO-6028 — When removing all references to a package, closing import brackets will stay in the same place.
GO-6041, GO-6022 — The Group stdlib imports option works correctly and sorts gofmt imports the right way. It can be enabled in Preferences/Settings | Editor | Code Style | Go | Sorting type | Group stdlib imports.
GO-5987 — GoLand’s terminal correctly overrides the PATH.

We also prepared something new for you:

GO-5974 — As the @ symbol is disallowed in import paths starting with Go 1.11, GoLand now validates these symbols.
GO-6005 — The debugger adds CGO_CFLAGS by default for running dlv debug, to improve the experience of CGO users.

Please see the full list for more details.

Below is a short list of bugs that so far we only have workarounds for. Sorry for any inconvenience!

GO-6068 — We currently support only Go 1.11 Beta 2 for Go modules. Support for 1.11 Beta 3 is in progress; feel free to follow this ticket to stay updated.
GO-6067 — Manually editing a go.mod file needs a manual refresh of the dependencies for them to be recognized in the IDE.

Don’t forget to share your feedback here in the comments or right in our issue tracker.

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