GoLand 2018.2.2 is here!

GoLand 2018.2.2 is released and available for download. As usual, we are providing several options: download from the website, via Toolbox App, or as a patch to 2018.2.1 (use Help | Check for Updates).

This release contains several noticeable bug-fixes, and of course, we couldn’t resist adding something new to this minor release!

Download GoLand 2018.2.2

Let’s take a closer look at these updates:

GO-6068 — Support for Go modules in Go 1.11 Beta 3 and later.

GO-6071Go modules (vgo) project type get a new GOPROXY field. It allows you to choose between direct and off settings when creating a project.

GO-6107 — If you have the rule to store all generated code (like mocks) in the top level vendor folder, you could find that GoLand didn’t resolve imports properly. Now the IDE gives the right priority to the main source tree and works with imports as expected.

GO-6078 — After pressing the Stop action, the debugger returned to the state that it was before the debugging session.

GO-6037 — Gofmt imports sorting is enabled by default. To turn it off, go to Settings/Preferences | Editor | Code Style | Go | Imports.

Please see the full release notes for more details.

We encourage you to update your IDE and try these new features out.

If you missed the blog post about our future plans for the 2018.3 release,
follow this link!

And, as usual, we love hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us: here in comments, in our Twitter or on the bug tracker.

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