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GoLand 2018.2.3 is now available for download

GoLand 2018.2.3 is out and ready for you to download. As usual, we are providing several options to get updates on your machine: download from the website, update via Toolbox App, or apply as a patch on top of 2018.2.2 (use Help | Check for Updates).

Download GoLand 2018.2.3

This update has fixed various issues in the Go modules project related to defining types in _test packages, test coverage and imports navigation.

GO-6133 — Users who switched to Go 1.11 may have faced a bug with permission denied output while running tests. In 2018.2.3, the IDE automatically filters out and removes the -i parameter from the Go tool arguments field in the Create Run/Debug configuration window for configurations created within the editor, for Go 1.10 and later versions only. However, if you manually create a run configuration, you will have to manually remove the parameter, at least for now.

GO-6047 — The Move refactoring correctly moves .go files to new directories without losing the _test suffix in the package name.

GO-5999 — The Quick Definition tooltip that shows hyperlinks to involved symbols no longer overlaps with other references to which you may want to go.

For more details and a list of all changes, please see the release notes.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone that helped us identify issues and sent feedback. We love hearing from you! Please, do share your feedback with us: here in comments, in our Twitter, or our bug tracker.

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