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GoLand 2018.3.1 is available for download

A more polished version of GoLand 2018.3, GoLand 2018.3.1, is already available for download. Get this update on your machine in one of three ways: download from the website, update via Toolbox App, or apply as a patch on top of 2018.3 (use Help | Check for Updates).

This update contains bug-fixes in different areas. We recommend that you upgrade and get your IDE working even smoother.

Download GoLand 2018.3.1

GO-6387 — GoLand will suggest enabling Go modules or dep integration if you create integration files in the project manually.

GO-6499 — Code completion doesn’t freeze in composite literals anymore.

GO-6253 — GoLand 2018.3.1 is better at detecting syntax errors in condition statements.

GO-6512 — The Change Signature refactoring saves variadic arguments after it’s applied.

GO-6497 — We’ve upgraded Delve to v1.1.6.

GO-6452 — Better resolve for expressions while using the Add format string argument intention action.

GO-6478 — Types in struct initializers are inferred correctly.

GO-6489 — When using manual SOCKS configuration settings in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | HTTP Proxy, the IDE specifies the proper http_proxy variable when the proxy is socks5.

GO-6322 — The IDE doesn’t disable essential plugins even if they are listed in disabled_plugins.txt

For more details and the full list of changes, please see the release notes.

We really appreciate your help in identifying issues and all your feedback! You are always welcome to start a conversation with us: here in the comments, on Twitter, or our bug tracker.

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