GoLand 2020.1.3 Is Out!

GoLand 2020.1.3 has been released, and it comes with a bunch of bug fixes for code inspections, the debugger, and more.

You can update to 2020.1.3 by:

  • Downloading it from the website.
  • Updating via the Toolbox App.
  • Applying a patch on top of 2020.1.2 (go to Help | Check for Updates).
  • Or using a snap package (for Ubuntu).

GO-9293 — GoLand 2020.1.3 no longer warns you about calls of pointer methods when the return type is an alias of a pointer type.

GO-9316 The Type compatibility check code inspection correctly handles interfaces that have overlapping methods, a feature that was added in Go 1.14.

GO-9268 — We’ve reviewed the performance of the Invalid composite literals code inspection, and it now works faster.

GO-9284 — In the debugger, the value of struct derived from time.Time or net/http.Request is displayed as expected.

IDEA-235635 — Opening of the Event Log tool window on macOS no longer causes the IDE to freeze.

IDEA-230766 The Next/Previous occurrence actions once again work when the Project tool window is open and the focus is in the editor.

IDEA-228859 — GoLand provides the correct name and path of projects that were opened from the terminal using the shell script.

IDEA-237219 — We’ve fixed the problem that was causing deadlocks when updating plugins during the indexing process.

And if you are using the Go plugin with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, you’ll be especially interested in these items:

GO-9349, GO-9309 — Go Tools and run configurations are not displayed in projects without Go.

For the full list of changes, you can read the release notes.

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