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Early Access Program

Welcome GoLand 2020.2 EAP #2 with a More Convenient ‘go list’ & a Warning Notification for go.sum Files


The GoLand Early Access Program is going smoothly and today I’m happy to announce the second EAP build.

You can get this EAP build through the Toolbox App, by downloading it from the website, by using a snap package (for Ubuntu), or from right inside GoLand by selecting Automatically check updates for Early Access Program in Preferences / Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

Download GoLand 2020.2 EAP #2

Don’t forget that we regularly release nightly builds based on the latest development code. You can use these nightly builds to get access to the latest features without having to wait for the official EAP announcements. These nightly builds are only available via the Toolbox App, however.

More convenient ‘go list’

When you get errors from go list -m all, the IDE will no longer switch the focus aggressively from the Terminal tab or any other active tool window to the Run tab. Instead it will show a notification from the Run tab.


Notification for go.sum file

Now, when you start editing the go.sum file, GoLand 2020.2 will show a notification to warn you that the file shouldn’t be edited. This file is intended to be used by Go Tools only, and changes to it can result in build process disruptions and problems under the hood.


That’s all for today! Your feedback is an invaluable source of ideas for improvement, so please send us your feature requests via the bug tracker or tweet us @GoLandIDE.

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