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Early Access Program GoLand

GoLand 2020.2 Release Candidate is out!

GoLand 2020.2 Release Candidate is out! If no critical issues are found, this build will become the official release version and will be delivered to your machines soon.

As usual, you can get this RC build via our Toolbox App, from the website, as a snap package (for Linux), or directly from GoLand – just select Automatically check updates for Early Access Program in Preferences / Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

Download GoLand 2020.2 Release Candidate

Please note that to use GoLand 2020.2 RC, you need to have an active subscription or start a 30-day evaluation period. In addition, we’ve stopped providing nightly builds until the next Early Access Program opens.

GoLand 2020.2 brings various nifty improvements for Go Modules, as well as support for the Go Playground.

Go Playground support

You can now share and execute code in the Go Playground by double-clicking in the editor. Just choose Go Tools | Share in Playground in the dropdown menu, or in Tools | Go Tools | Share in Playground, or you can press ⌥⇧⌘S on macOS or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S on Windows/Linux. This also works for go2 files to play with generics, in which case GoLand will take you to the new https://go2goplay.golang.org/.

Go Modules

GO-9244 — Multiline TO-DOs now work in go.mod files.

GO-9660 — Dependency versions with branch names in go.mod are no longer highlighted as errors.

GO-9422 — When you create a go.mod file, GoLand provides you with a file template with a module directive.

That’s all for today! As always, we look forward to receiving your feedback. So please write to us in the comments section below or our issue tracker, or tweet to us @GoLandIDE.

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