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We love hearing from you! We love it so much that we never get tired of mentioning it in our blog posts, when answering support requests and in YouTrack tickets, in our Slack channel, and in replies to your questions on Twitter and Facebook. Your feedback is vital to us, and it definitely helps us improve. It allows us to identify issues and unpolished features faster. Even more importantly, it allows us to fix them promptly, adjust our plans for the upcoming releases, and more clearly understand the course we should follow to bring you more joy as you develop with GoLand.

That’s why we’d like to meet you face to face more often, even if we have to meet virtually. If your company uses GoLand, or IntelliJ IDEA with the Go plugin, we’d like to invite you to a dedicated meeting with the GoLand team. Are you considering migrating to GoLand with your team? You are also welcome to join us for a chat!

We would love the opportunity to conduct an overall product demo, lead a “tips & tricks for productivity” session, discuss any current or outstanding issues you have with the product, or present our product roadmap. We are also open to any other suggestions you may have that would help your team use GoLand more successfully.

The process for setting up a meeting is rather simple:

  • Discuss it with your teammates and form a group of people interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.
  • Send us a request for an online meeting using this form. It takes just a few minutes to fill out.
  • Choose a topic in the dropdown menu or suggest your own in the comments section.

And that’s it! We’ll contact you to set a date and time shortly after processing your request.

Thank you, and let’s talk soon. We look forward to seeing you!

The GoLand team at JetBrains

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