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🖥️ Join Us for GopherCon 2020!

This year’s GopherCon US is just around the corner, and we have something special in store for you (hint, you have to read to the end to see what it is).

🛠️ The Workshop

First, we have a workshop designed to allow both new users and existing ones to join and learn more about the IDE and how to use it efficiently.

The workshop is included in your conference ticket, so all you have to do is join the workshop room and enjoy it.

During the workshop, we’ll configure GoLand and work our way on about 40 Tips & Tricks from the basic IDE features to productivity tricks that will make you feel like a Jedi. Using the IDE to squash bugs and uplift your code will become clear, and you won’t even need to use The Force.

If there are any questions, either before the session and after it, we’ll be happy to address them.

In the workshop description, we mention that you have to have our latest EAP installed. If you don’t know what EAP builds are, then head over to our announcement blog post. You can also download and install it side by side with your regular stable GoLand setup, so no need to worry about using it. And, if you use the JetBrains Toolbox App, then all of this is automatically handled for you.

We will try to accommodate as many time zones as possible, so our sessions will be distributed for both the East and West Coast time zones, and at least one Central Europe and one Asia-Pacific region sessions.

🏢 The Booth

If you have any questions in general about the IDE, our roadmap, or you’d like to learn about new features, such as Remote Pair programming using Code With Me, our whole team will be present at the event too.

Join us and share your feedback or just say Hi! 👋🏻

🗨️ The Talk

Finally, if you are interested in anything hardware-related, we have something for that too.

I’ll describe the journey on how I built an FM Radio using Go on Thursday, November 12, at 3:25 UTC. If you’d like to see how to use Go for projects other than just micro-services, please join me!

🎫 The Raffle

We are happy to announce that we are giving away 5 tickets in a raffle. To join it, follow these steps:

  • Go to Productivity Guide, via Help | Productivity Guide.
  • Sort by the “Used” column and make it descending.
  • Send us a tweet with the screenshot and the #GoGoGoLand hashtag.
  • And of course, share this with your friends and colleagues.

Here’s how that might look like:

Better Flame Graph searching

You have until Tuesday, November 3, 10 AM UTC.
And no, it won’t matter if you’re just starting with the IDE or you’ve been using it for years, so don’t worry about the numbers there.

✨ We will announce the winners by Wednesday, November 4, 10 PM UTC. 🎉

We wish good luck to all raffle participants!

That’s it for today. We are looking forward to seeing you all at this GopherCon!

P.S. Check out our announcement tweet.

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