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A cross-platform Go IDE with extended support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and databases

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Essential Tips & Tricks for GoLand users

GoLand has hundreds of incredible features. Some you may already know about and use relentlessly every day, some though, may have escaped your attention and remain hidden in the realms of the unknown, forever.

Is forever too long? Do you want to learn something new about your IDE? Join us on Wednesday, February 17 at 15:00 GMT!

Essential Tips & Tricks for GoLand users


Did you know GoLand is fully equipped for working with web, frontend, backend, and databases? In this webinar, we are going to cut it down to some of the essential tips & tricks to help you use the features in Goland to speed up your workflows and boost your productivity with them.

Does your code connect to a database? Learn how to connect your IDE to it too, and start using useful features such as query code completion, inspections, and running queries from the IDE, to name a few.

Need to help someone out with some tricky code, pair program with a colleague, or present your code to a class of excited learners? Learn about how you can use the Code With Me feature to handle all these!

Do you have questions about how to improve how you use the IDE? Then this is the webinar for you, there will also be a dedicated Q&A session at the end if there is anything specific you want to ask about.

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The webinar will be held by Florin Pățan, the JetBrains Developer Advocate for GoLand and the author of many articles in our blog. Florin has been a gopher for a few years, has built many high-performance distributed projects, and now helps other gophers worldwide.

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