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What’s Next: GoLand 2021.3 Roadmap

A few weeks ago we introduced a new version of GoLand – 2021.2. In this version you will find the new abilities to control the behavior of go list, manually reload the go.mod file after you’ve made changes, and run default built-in and gofmt formatters one by one. You can also explore new Go 1.17 features, from moving the //go:build lines to the top of the file immediately (as the new syntax requires), to converting a slice to an array pointer. The new version brings changes for the VCS, such as the ability to sign commits with GPG keys, UI enhancements, a Preview mode for the debugger, and more.

Did you know that GoLand is more than just a Go IDE? On top of features for working with Go code, it includes automatic page reloading in the browser when HTML code is saved and code completion for MongoDB fields and operators.

Would you prefer a more interactive approach to learning about these new features in GoLand? Complete the What’s New in GoLand 2021.2 tutorial on the Welcome screen.

Alternatively, you can watch this What’s New in GoLand 2021.2 webinar recording.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who helped us make GoLand better by sharing their product experience, feedback, and suggestions with us. The most active contributors are getting a free 1-year GoLand subscription and special branded T-shirt!

Here are these wonderful people:

  • András Mózes (YouTrack username: andras.mozes)
  • Denis Cheremisov (YouTrack username: sirkon)
  • Andrey Kolkov (YouTrack username: Andrey_K.)
  • John Youi (YouTrack username: gonejack)

Thank you for all your input! We love hearing from you, and every issue you submit is very much appreciated.

Let’s move on to looking at our plans going forward. Stay tuned for the next Early Access Program!

Please note that we can’t guarantee that all of the features listed below will be included in GoLand 2021.3.

Go 1.18

We are planning to add code inspections, refactorings, and intention actions for working with generics. On top of that, we will introduce a new workspace mode, which makes it possible to implement changes across multiple modules from one place.

Support for WSL

We will add the ability to use Go SDK under WSL. As a result, you will be able to open a project and work with it like it’s located on Windows without any specific configuration. Hooray!

Code Inspections

We will integrate go linters right inside GoLand. Thus, there will no longer be a need to configure File Watchers for that purpose.


GoLand 2021.3 will allow you to hide object types when you don’t need them, to minimize CPU consumption.

Code Editing

GoLand will help inject SQL in every string that starts with a select, delete, insert, update, or create command immediately.


We will add support for asdf to let you manage multiple language runtime versions on a per-project basis.

Last but not least, we will add more templates for testing.

That’s all for today. Want us to add any features in particular? Let us know! Send us your feature requests via the bug tracker or tweet us @GoLandIDE. Thank you!

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