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What’s New in GoLand 2021.2 Webinar Recording

Last week we held the What’s New in GoLand 2021.2 webinar, where you could see all of the new GoLand features in action.

GoLand 2021.2 was released three weeks ago with new features for Go modules, such as the ability to load go.mod changes manually and download unused dependencies. 

This version comes with a new formatting option – you can now run gofmt together with GoLand’s built-in formatter using a new keyboard shortcut. 

We also added new version control features, like the ability to sign commits with GPG keys. This release also brings you new features for JavaScript, TypeScript, and databases. Enriching GoLand’s already rich set of tools for web development. 

If you missed our recent webinar, don’t worry – we recorded it. If you want to play with the code, we created a repository on GitHub with all the examples. You will also find a description of the features presented during the webinar there.  

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