GoLand 2021.2.1 is out!

Time to update! GoLand 2021.2.1 is out with a couple of new features and some bug fixes.

You can update by:

  • Downloading the build from the website.
  • Updating via the Toolbox App.
  • Applying a patch on top of 2021.2 or 2021.1.3 (go to GoLand | Check for Updates).
  • Using a snap package (for Ubuntu).

Here are the highlights of this version:

GO-11481 – We’ve added code completion for fuzzing tests.

GO-11473 – If you installed Go via Homebrew, you can now choose /usr/local/opt/go from the SDK list in Preferences/Settings | Go | GOROOT.  

GO-10430 – You can now adjust color settings for red-green colorblindness in Preferences/Settings | Appearance & Behaviour | Appearance.  

Read the release notes to get the full overview of the update!

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