Jolt Productivity Awards 2007

It’s time again for the Jolt Productivity Awards, and once again, JetBrains’ tools have brought home the trophies! Our flagship tool, the productivity-focused IDE for Java Developers, IntelliJ IDEA received awards for being a productive Development Environment and Web Development Tool. It’s great to see that our focus on providing more productivity, in more languages, has really been noticed in the industry!
It’s also great to hear that our newest tool, TeamCity, has picked up some recognition, and a Productivity Award, in the Collaboration Tool Category.
We’ve always strived to focus our products on boosting developers and development teams productivity to help them create industry-leading quality software. We’re very much happy that our effort received such prestigious awards. And we’re glad to have our tools on the pedestal once again.
Our congratulations and best wishes to the other Jolt winners and Jolt judges.

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