IntelliJ IDEA+Guice=GuiceyIDEA!

We’re glad to announce that Sixth and Red River Software have just released the GuiceyIDEA plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. This plugin adds support for Guice, the freshly released Google’s lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 5.
It’s really amazing that Sixth and Red River Software guys managed to develop the plugin in only a week after official Guice release. Very nice job!
Plugin extends Guice support to code completion, highlighting and other coding assistance, plus inspections, refactorings, and intelligent quick-fixes, which makes IntelliJ IDEA the perfect tool for using Guice easy and safe.
GuiceyIDEA enables you to:

  • Find Guice errors at compile-time, instead of run-time
  • Migrate simply between annotation-based binding and explicit binding
  • Quickly generate Guice modules, providers, annotations, and interceptors
  • Manage Guice scopes cleanly and safely

Check the plugin now and stay tuned with future versions that will include:

  • Guice-specific refactorings
  • Wizards for creating and managing Guice bindings
  • Graphing and display of Guice module configurations
  • Automatic download and setup of Guice libraries within IntelliJ IDEA
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