Intelligent Groovy

We’re happy to tell you that Groovy team has just released the version 1.1 beta, taking this dynamic language to a new level with full support for annotations and several other new features which details you can find here

Especially important for us is the fact that JetBrains has contributed a big part of this release with improved compiler which now supports Java and Groovy, so letting developers easily compile their Java and Groovy sources without any extra effort.

Additionally, IntelliJ IDEA long-awaited Groovy plugin is available to enable efficient Groovy development by giving the developers the advantages of all IntellIJ IDEA productivity-boosting features:

  • Full coding assistance, including smart completion and navigation

Groovy Navigation

  • Syntax and error highlighting

Groovy Syntax Hihglighting

  • Numerous code inspections and quick-fixes

Gropovy Error Highlighting

  • Groovy-aware refactorings

Groovy Refactoring

To give a try to Groovy in IntelliJ IDEA , get the latest IntelliJ IDEA EAP build from IntelliJ IDEA EAP page, then download and install the Groovy plugin (also available from CodeHaus site).

The full-blown, world-class Groovy support will be available in IntelliJ IDEA 7, due to release in early 2008.

Watch out for new features and improvements in regular EAP releases.

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4 Responses to Intelligent Groovy

  1. Avatar

    Matthew says:

    July 10, 2007

    Congratulation !
    This is what the world has been waiting for. Now I can be more groovier than ever !

    Thank for the plugin and wonderful work that you have done to the world of Java.

  2. Avatar

    Sam says:

    July 11, 2007

    Awesome work guys! I use Groovy sporadically to supplement by Java development but I will use it a lot more now that IDEA supports it.

  3. Avatar

    Cedric says:

    July 18, 2007

    Great news ! What do you mean by JetBrains has contributed a big part of this release with improved compiler which now supports Java and Groovy ?

    Does it mean that IDEA will be aware of classes defined in groovy, and Java aware of groovy classes, and that there will be no compilation dependencies problems ? For now I use to have three separate code trees : pure groovy, pure Java, and an interop source tree where I define interfaces for objects that are used in both groovy code and java code, which is rather annoying. That would be great, but would mean that projets would use this compiler for Java code instead of the regular JDK one ? is this right ?


  4. Avatar

    Eugene Vigdorchik says:

    July 24, 2007

    You can now freely mix groovy and java: there will be java stubs generated for groovy, and javac will be triggered for this superset of java and stubs, at the next stage groovyc will compile real groovy code.

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