JBoss Seam jPDL Pageflow Graphical Designer


Most of IntelliJ IDEA advanced features (rename refactorings, navigation to source, usage search and the others) are available in JBoss Seam pageflow graphical designer.

Just right-click a node (page) or an edge (transition) to bring up a popup menu where you can select an appropriate action.

Moreover, you can double-click a page node to start in-place editing, create new pages using drag’n’drop and link existing pages together by simply drawing a line from one page to another.

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1 Response to JBoss Seam jPDL Pageflow Graphical Designer

  1. Razialruh says:

    October 20, 2009


    i can’t find this “Pageflow Graphical Designer”. I’m using IntelliJ 8.1.4.



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