Quick and Consistent Renaming of JBoss Seam Components


JBoss Seam components can be referenced from JSP/JSF pages, Seam components.xml, page flow configuration files, string literals anywhere else, etc. What it takes if you want to rename one of them? With IntelliJ IDEA, only a simple press of Shift+F6 to invoke the Rename refactoring:

The component and all references to it will be consistently renamed.

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1 Response to Quick and Consistent Renaming of JBoss Seam Components

  1. b.m says:

    June 19, 2009

    This is all fine and dandy until I am creating Groovy Seam components. At that point, the name of the component is detected in the Seam Facet as being the class name (even if the class it’s annotated with @Name and has a distinct name), and all the xhtml pages scream that my component it’s not really defined.

    The maven build and deployment seem to think otherwise though.



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