Developing AIR Applications with Maia

Developing AIR applications with Maia is easy. Basically all you need is to add an AIR SDK:

Then, select AIR SDK at New Flex Module Wizard step. You can also select an option to automatically create AIR application and descriptor:

If you skip creating descriptor at this moment, or just need an extra one, open the Tools menu, selecting Flex and clicking Create AIR Application Descriptor.

Remember that you can enable AIR support in an existing Flex module or facet at any time by just changing its SDK. Default SDK compiler configuration file is also automatically switched from flex-config.xml to air-config.xml. Here’s screenshot for Flex facet (the same is true for Flex module, the only exception is that SDK is selected at Dependencies tab):

To run or debug an AIR application select a respective option in the Flex run configuration settings:

image description