Derby SQL Dialect Support

Maia brings you the support of Apache Derby SQL dialect. Just as with all others, you can set it at project, folder and individual file levels either via Project Settings section of Settings dialog:
Or by invoking a quick-fix on any error marker inside of an .sql file with Alt+Enter shortcut:

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6 Responses to Derby SQL Dialect Support

  1. Mario Arias says:

    BTW, PostgreSQL support is on the roadmap??

  2. Taras Tielkes says:

    Ooh – Derby support is nice.

    Any roadmap plans for MS SQL Server? There’s a fair number of enterprise Java applications running against that..

  3. phil swenson says:

    Interesting…. how do you do the “change Oracle dialect to…”?
    its that in house code or do you leverage an open source library?

  4. Craig says:

    While we’re asking for more dialect support, how about DB2? Or are DB2 and Derby close enough?

  5. Alexey Chmutov says:

    In fact, “change dialect to…” action doesn’t transform the file. It just suggests to assign other dialect to the file. :) (to possibly fix errors)

  6. Geekycoder says:

    How about H2Database ?

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