FlexUnit Support in Maia

Maia is capable of running FlexUnit tests — you can run a single test method, all methods in a certain class, or all classes in a given package and its subpackages. For that, you’re provided with a new FlexUnit Run Configuration, which allows you to specify a module (Flex module or Java module with Flex facet) and configure the test scope:

To run tests you need to set up a dependency on FlexUnit.swc library, but this is something you must have already done to get your tests compiled. Tests are actually executed in debug mode with all the functionality like breakpoints, watches, etc. available.

When a run is finished the results window shows you the tests overview, output and statistics panel:

Mouse click on an item in the tree or statistics panel navigates you to the test source. Same is true for the stack traces of the failed tests.

Also, new context menu actions are provided to run test for a selected method, class, or package. Just right-click them and select Debug Flex, then click FlexUnit.

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