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Icons Preview in Gutter Bar

Maia supports preview of icons you are using in Java code directly from the editor. For each of the icon definitions (javax.swing.Icon), Maia tries to locate a file from which it is loaded and then shows a preview in the gutter bar. You can click it to open the image for editing, of course.

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4 Responses to Icons Preview in Gutter Bar

  1. Ken Orr says:

    June 26, 2009

    Very nice… I like this feature!

  2. Mike Katz says:

    June 26, 2009

    Is there something that needs to be done to activate this feature, or does it only work with a very direct loading of an icon?

  3. Konstantin Bulenkov says:

    June 29, 2009

    This feature marked as “In development”, so, you will be able to use it in the nearest EAP. Other words, this feature is available since build 10535.

  4. codecraig says:

    July 1, 2009

    It would be great to support this for Flex/ActionScript as well, for example of a class which provides constants to all my icons such as:

    public static const IconUser : Class;

    It would sweet if it could load those 🙂

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