Debugger Evaluate Expression Enhancements

Say, you hit a breakpoint in Java code:

And you cleanly see that component is a label:

You now want to investigate label internals via Evaluate Expression (Alt+F8), e.g. invoke its getText() method, but component declared type is Component and it does not have this method! The only way out is to use Surround with run-time type (Ctrl+Alt+T) first to cast it to JLabel and only then completion becomes available:

Not anymore it isn’t. IntelliJ IDEA tries to help with casting wherever possible, so you can now get the same results using Basic code completion (Ctrl+Space) only:

…press Enter and the cast is done for you:

Needless to say, it works with Smart completion (Ctrl+Shift+Space), too. It works even for complex expressions with method calls. Note, that method evaluation can take a lot of time, not to mention the possible side effects, so evaluating expressions every time you hit completion is not so nice. This is why you need to press the same shortcut twice to get the run-time type variants. That’s what you’re going to see at the bottom of completion list:

And you can play with all this now!

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