Android Resource Management Features

Maia provides a number of smart features to make working with Android resources simpler.

  • Convenient navigation from XML resource descriptors to appropriate Java fields in an class…

    … and from Java code to resource files.

  • Usage search for resources. That is, when you are searching for usages of res/drawable/android.png resource file you will find both XML (@drawable/android) and Java references ( By the way, searching for usages of Java field yields the same results.

    Note that you can find usages of value resources (represented by XML tags) by pressing Shift+F6 when caret is positioned just before a tag:

  • Rename refactoring. When you rename a resource file (i.e. res/drawable/android.png), all XML and Java references are updated automatically. Renaming of Java field, as you may have guessed, has the same effect. Note that now renaming of a resource represented by an XML descriptor is possible only through renaming an appropriate Java field.
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3 Responses to Android Resource Management Features

  1. hurelhuyag says:

    I am write some android code in in intellij idea 10.5

    but it is not working. Error is “Attribute Android Color is not allowed here”.
    Working on eclipse

  2. Eugene Kudelevsky says:

    @hurelhuyag, please submit a bug report with detailed description of your problem to our tracker:

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