GraniteDS Projects with IntelliJ IDEA 9

GraniteDS technology allows to create enterprise web applications with Flex at client side and Java at server side. With IntelliJ IDEA you can develop GraniteDS projects with complete coding assistance both for Flex and Java, compile, deploy, run, and debug both client and server side in just few clicks!

Let’s create an IntelliJ IDEA project for Hello World example from GraniteDS developer guide. You may configure a project yourself or download it here

Note: if you download a pre-configured project you’ll need to check Java and Flex SDKs in project settings and Tomcat settings in java-server run configuration because paths and names on your computer may be different.

  • Create a new IntelliJ IDEA project with 2 modules: Flex module and Java module with a Web facet. You project structure may be different, but I chose the following:

  • Configure Flex module. Here we select to build a HelloWorld.swf application with main class named HelloWorld. The most important point is to set path to services-config.xml file and context root on the Advanced tab.

  • Configure Java module and its Web facet. We need to set a dependency on Flex module and on /libs/granite.jar library. Web facet contains information about web.xml file location and required resources.

  • Setup web application packaging configuration (artifact).

  • Create server run configuration. Here we need to tell IntelliJ IDEA where Tomcat server installation is located and set artifact deployment point to graniteds-hello-world context. I cleared Start browser because I want to make separate run configuration for Flex client to be able to debug it.

  • Create Flex run configuration.

That’s all. Now set breakpoints, launch server and a bit later — Flex run configuration, and everything is compiled and deployed, and the browser is open.

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