Flex CSS Support in Maia

Editing CSS files in Flex applications becomes easier with the help of some new Maia features.

First, completion for CSS selectors, properties, and property values. For example, if you press Ctrl+Space in this context, you get all class names from
a default namespace http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml + global selector:

If a CSS property has a color format, IntelliJ IDEA helps you to select a color:

You can look up documentation for default Flex CSS selectors and properties. Just press Ctrl+Q in editor or completion pop-up window:

You may easily navigate from CSS properties and selectors to their declarations in ActionScript. All you need is to press Ctrl+B. Note that if there are several declarations to navigate, you will see a pop-up list.

Also, IntelliJ IDEA provides validation of CSS selectors and properties:

Note that these features are available only in CSS and MXML files under a Flex module, or module with a Flex facet.

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