IntelliJ IDEA 10 EAP (96.1190)

The IntelliJ IDEA development process goes on as usual – another week, another EAP build of IntelliJ IDEA X. This time, we’ve like to highlight the following new features:

  • Analyze | Infer Nullity… automatically analyzes the code in a given scope and adds @Nullable and @NotNull annotations to method parameters and return values according to the actual logic of the code;
  • Hide Frames from Libraries option in the debugger Frames view allows to hide library code from the displayed call stacks;
  • WSDL support has been significantly enhanced.

As usual, you can find the list of almost 150 other bugfixes and improvements in the Release Notes.

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5 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 10 EAP (96.1190)

  1. Avatar

    po6om says:

    September 16, 2010

    Why i can’t update right from IDEA?

  2. Avatar

    yole says:

    September 17, 2010

    The upgrade patch from 96.1121 to 96.1190 is available as usual. Your proxy may have cached the update information file.

  3. Avatar

    Vaclav says:

    September 27, 2010

    It would be cool if JetBrains used the Infer Nullity feature to add annotations to standard Java API. It would safe some unnecessary looking into Javadoc and report possible problems.

  4. Avatar

    ian says:

    September 28, 2010

    How does this relate to JSR-305? can we not use that instead?

  5. Avatar

    yole says:

    September 29, 2010

    Given that JSR 305 is not an accepted standard, we haven’t yet implemented any support for it in IntelliJ IDEA. The “Infer Nullity” feature is based on the semantics of JetBrains-defined @NotNull and @Nullable annotations, and adds these annotations to the code.

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