Spring tc Server Support in IDEA

If you are developing an application for Spring tc Server, you may be interested in tc Server Support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

tc Server plugin provides a decent support for Developer, Standard and Spring editions of tc Server 2.0:

  • Running and debugging applications on local and remote server instances
  • Starting and stopping local server
  • Managing JVM parameters
  • Accessing server logs at run-time
  • Easily updating your application on the server
  • Opening application web page in a browser

To give it all a try, download and install tc Server from SpringSource: download center. In this post we’re showcasing the use of IntelliJ IDEA with Developer Edition.

To get started, click File | Settings | Application Servers, then add a new Sping tc Server application server and specify its home directory:

Then, choose a server instance. By default server has a single called tomcat-***, and Developer Edition provides spring-insight-instance supplied with Spring Insight. You may also create another instance, specifying its name and optionally a template to enable some additional features. To get Spring Insight support in a new instance you should use spring-insight-instance server folder as a template.

Now it’s time to create a run configuration. For local one, we just need to pick an application server:

Remote run configuration needs server JMX and HTTP ports and staging protocol instead:

Finally, we go to Deployment tab and configure artifacts and corresponding web paths.

Try it all for youself with pleasure! Your feedback is welcome in our issue tracker and forums.

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