WSDL improvements in IDEA X

If you work a lot with WSDL, you will find new IntelliJ IDEA X refactorings, code completions and validations very handy. Be it schema or WSDL, import inside a WSDL document is not a problem anymore.

Also, we are looking forward to your feedback regarding WSDL.

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2 Responses to WSDL improvements in IDEA X

  1. Alexander Ashitkin says:

    Hi Konstantin!
    The article is very brief, although the beginning assumed there are many other interesting thing. is it so and will they be available in next eap?

  2. Hello Alexander.
    Many of these improvements based on issues posted by you. What’s working for now:
    – navigation from usage to definition
    – rename for (I believe so) all wsdl entities (messages, porttypes, bindings, parts, etc)
    – find usages
    – importing definitions from others wsdls

    It will be great if you look on it in the next EAP.

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