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WSDL improvements in IDEA X

If you work a lot with WSDL, you will find new IntelliJ IDEA X refactorings, code completions and validations very handy. Be it schema or WSDL, import inside a WSDL document is not a problem anymore. Also, we are looking … Continue reading

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Navigation between JAX-RS resources and JSP templates

Jersey is a reference implementation of JAX-RS (JSR-311). IntelliJ IDEA X will support some of the Jersey’s features. MVCJ is one of them. IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects JSP templates for your resource classes that simplifies navigation to them.

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Configuring Transports for Spring Web Services in IntelliJ IDEA 10

With IntelliJ IDEA X you can try new Spring Web Services support features. If your project contains Spring Web Services specific beans your application contexts are validated to be properly configured with one of the transport protocols. You can easily … Continue reading

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Spring Web Services editor and configuration features

IntelliJ Idea X adds Spring Web Services support with smart completion, usages search, error highlighting, quick fixes and code generation. Here are some examples: 1. Code Generation live templates 2. PayloadRootQNameEndpointMapping 3. @Endpoint, @PayloadRoot and @XPathParam annotations – @PayloadRoot annotation parameters … Continue reading

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Web Service Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

Since version 7.0 IntelliJ IDEA provides the complete support for creating Web Service applications, providing the full range of productivity-boosting features: Smart code completion Syntax and error highlighting Code analysis, inspections, quick-fixes and refactoring Automatic code generation, including WSDL/WADL from … Continue reading

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