New Diff Tools in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5

We at JetBrains know how important it is to track what has been changed in your project from one version or revision to another. This is why IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 brings you new Diff Tools for comparing local directories, DB objects (Data Sources, Schemes, Tables). In later updates we’re planning on including even remote to local files comparison as well. Diff Tools are available via Ctrl+D, or from context menu, wherever you may need them.

Say, to compare two Data Sources (or Tables, or Schemes, come to that), all you need is select them in Data Sources tool window, and then invoke the Compare action either from context menu, or via toolbar:

Comparing two local folders is just as easy: the action is available in Project View file tree.

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10 Responses to New Diff Tools in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5

  1. Dmitry says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait the next EAP!

  2. magicprinc says:

    Add “lense” to your prefect diff:

  3. Fredrik says:

    Improving the (already good) basics! Me like.

  4. alex says:

    remote diff would be a very nice feature.

  5. It’s 95% ready and will be announced soon.

  6. John Lindwall says:

    I’m trying to use IntelliJ as a code review tool (because I love its diff tool output much more then command-line “git diff”). I want to have IntelliJ display a diff window for each file that changed between two git revisions. Is this possible?

  7. @John, not now. But we plan to make it possible to do for revisions and even for branches (for all version controls, not only git) You can post a feature request in YouTrack ( )

    • roger says:

      looks like you can “see a diff of all files changed” these days by right clicking and “git -> commit directory” then it lets you examine the changes before committing (it’s the examining part that you’re interested in). FWIW.

  8. Vic says:

    How do I compare directories?

  9. jonnie savell says:

    I have never found these Diff Tools. Perhaps I am an idiot, but I have paid for a license and I do pay for upgrade licenses as well. So, please tell me how to find it. By the way, CTRL-D for me is duplicate line, so that didn’t work. Also, I could not find this in the help window.

    I have version 10.5.4 at work and 11.X at home. I hope that the techniques used for each will be the same.

    Also, please answer Vic’s question. It’s a shame that a question like that was left unanswered.

    Thank you for your time.

    jonnie savell

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