New in 10.5: Check TODO, patch into shelf & GNOME Keyring

There’s been a number of new things we’ve added in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 related to version control support. You can try them already in a latest EAP build. And here’s a quick overview.

Do not forget things… TODO!

Now you can easily ensure you haven’t forgotten to implement a method, and double-check the important places in your code before commit. Just mark those places in code with TODO.

IntelliJ IDEA’s new “Check TODO” before commit inspection will notify about all new and edited TODO items.

It will also confirm about TODO items in the changed fragments (in case they are not actual any more).

You can use TODO filter with this inspection — if you want to pay attention only to TODO items of a special kind.
"Check TODO" before commit handler option in Commit dialog

You can further review TODO items in the changed lines:
Review TODO items in changed code

Import patches into IntelliJ IDEA shelf

You can now import a patch into shelf.

It is quite useful when you review someone’s code and use patches for communication.
Import action in Shelf context menu

Later, you can unshelve it using the new detailed Unshelve… action, which opens a dialog similar to ‘Apply Patch’ and allows setting any bases for the patch parts (in case some files or directories had moved since then).

You can also import patches directly from the Apply Patch dialog.

Subversion. GNOME Keyring support

GNOME Keyring support has been implemented by svnkit, so you can use it in IntelliJ IDEA now.

As svnkit folks say, it is in experimental phase, and a special JVM key should be used to enable it. So, please read the details.

This is it for now. Let us know what you think.

And make sure you are using the latest IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 EAP build when you get to try these and other new features.

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