Control your Perforce connection

In IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 we’ve improved setting up your Perforce server connection and connection state diagnostics.

Configuring connections

If you are using P4CONFIG files for configuration, IntelliJ IDEA shows what config files it has found and what other default settings are used. This way you can be sure that your P4CONFIG files are found and taken into account.

Use the ‘Test Connection’ button in ‘Settings | Version Control | VCSs | Perforce’ to see this information.

Moreover, in case you specified a wrong client workspace and your project roots do not match with the workspace roots, you are also clearly prompted:

Perforce connection parameters dialog

If you are not authenticated to the server or the authentication ticket has expired, you will be notified accordingly:
Not logged to Perforce notification

Offline mode

Once Perforce server becomes unavailable, IntelliJ IDEA switches to the offline mode automatically and displays an offline notification.
"Perforce is offline" notification

In the offline mode, you can continue working locally as usual, file checkouts are remembered by IntelliJ IDEA to be further re-played. When going online IntelliJ IDEA requires that you authenticate on the server and the ticket is not expired. This is important to re-play you offline edits properly.

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