Keen to try Gradle integration in IntelliJ IDEA?

You asked us to add Gradle support to IntelliJ IDEA. And when you ask hard we usually respond. So, we’ve been working hard on that lately. The job is still in progress but the most impatient ones can already try what is done.

The most valuable thing IntelliJ IDEA does now is setting up the project (modules, libraries, etc.) on the basis of a Gradle project file. The process is rather simple:

1. Choose the target Gradle project:

2. Check and, if necessary, adjust its settings prior to import:

3. Voila, the project is ready to use:

The plugin will be available when IntelliJ IDEA 11 EAP opens but if you really can’t wait, check this wiki page for instructions on how to build IntelliJ IDEA and Gradle plugin from the sources. It also shows current development status.

Your feedback is much appreciated on the discussion forum or in IntelliJ IDEA issue tracker.

I'm off to a vacation for 2 weeks and hope to get your feedback when I return refreshed to take care about it :)
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