New in 11: Changes digest for easier pre-commit review

As for me, after a few years of working in a huge project inside a big team, I became concerned about accidentally breaking the project.

That’s why every time I commit something, I double-check my changes.

In the forthcoming IntelliJ IDEA 11 EAP, I have a special “digest” changes presentation for that!

It helps me in my last pre-commit check immediately inside the commit dialog:

And I also use it all the time when coding, to recall my changes:

NB: to see the digest of changes in Changes | Local, use the new “Change Details” toolbar button.

To tell the truth, even when I was in the middle of this “digest” changes feature, I simply couldn’t live without it, so I compiled a build of IntelliJ IDEA for myself and used digest view while developing the digest view!

IntelliJ IDEA 11 EAP is to be announced any day now. Stay tuned!

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