Try Kotlin with the IntelliJ IDEA plugin

Some of you have guessed right. Yesterday’s IntelliJ IDEA EAP build was released in order to support the Kotlin plugin, which is finally available as a preview version today.

The source code repository for Kotlin, which includes the IntelliJ IDEA plugin, is available on GitHub. The compiled version of the plugin is also available for download.

Your feedback on Kotlin and the IntelliJ IDEA plugin is very much welcome in our issue tracker.

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5 Responses to Try Kotlin with the IntelliJ IDEA plugin

  1. Odri says:

    Extremely stupid! Wasting Intellij development efforts on useless stuff like Kotlin, while ignoring requests to support useful languages like Mirah:

    Oh well, not the first time Intellij development priorities are extremely weird…

    • villy says:

      Since when mirah become useful? It’s devs didn’t done jruby well yet and they already started mirah and jruby 9000. And also ruby syntax doesn’t fit JVM needs well, e.g. no generics, no annotations

  2. yole says:

    So how much traction did Mirah gain in the years that it’s been available? Could you point to a single non-toy project written in it?

  3. B. K. Oxley (binkley) says:

    @Odri – Not nice to squander your time on negative remarks at someone else’s open source project.

  4. Taras Tielkes says:

    How should I set up the libraries? It’s supposed to work automatically, but does not do so for me :)

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