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IntelliJ IDEA Gets Educational!

Every professional developer was once a learner. We live in a fascinating world full of new challenges and opportunities, which means every professional developer can become a learner once again, or share what they have learned as an educator. No … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Reactive Spring Boot Part 1 – A Kotlin REST Service

This month (October 2019) I presented a live demo at SpringOne Platform, showing how to build a Spring Boot application that displays real-time prices, using Spring (obviously), Kotlin and JavaFX. The live demo was recorded and is available as a … Continue reading

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Fully Reactive: Spring, Kotlin and JavaFX playing together

Spring Framework 5 brings full reactive support to developers everywhere. What better way to demo reactive programming than to actually build something live? In this presentation, Trisha creates an end-to-end application using Spring Framework 5, Spring Boot, Reactor, Kotlin and … Continue reading

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Spring Boot Endpoints and Kotlin

In this latest post about Kotlin support in Spring plugins in IntelliJ IDEA, we’d like to point out that Spring Boot is also fully supported for Kotlin. When you run a Kotlin main function that starts a Spring Boot application, … Continue reading

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Spring Kotlin References in @Value-annotation

Here is the new blog post on Kotlin and Spring support in IntelliJ IDEA. The Spring Framework supports reading values from different kinds of sources using the @Value annotation. Completion, reference navigation, and folding property names with their values is now … Continue reading

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Spring Kotlin Gutters and Navigation

Let’s continue our posts on how IntelliJ IDEA supports developing Spring Framework applications with Kotlin. For now, let’s talk about navigation. The common way of navigation within a Spring Configuration is using gutters, and all Spring-related gutters are now available … Continue reading

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Spring Config and missing Kotlin members

Kotlin is now a first-class citizen in the Spring Framework, and in IntelliJ IDEA we are trying to make all the Spring features that have worked with Java over the years work with Kotlin too. In this series of blog … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1 EAP: Kotlin 1.2.30

The new IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1 EAP is here! Among other improvements and bug-fixes, it updates the Kotlin plugin to version 1.2.30. The updated Kotlin plugin has some new intention actions. Now, in the Project Tool Window you can paste a … Continue reading

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Live Webinar: The Three Laws of TDD

Join us Wednesday, January 18th, at 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST (New York) / 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT (London) (check other time zones) for our free live webinar The Three Laws of TDD, featuring Robert Martin (Uncle Bob). Test … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – November 2016

The froth of JavaOne has died down (already!) and it’s almost back to business as usual. Although here at JetBrains we’re working hard on our latest product releases, and gearing up to see some of you at Devoxx this week. This month’s … Continue reading

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